Inventing Products

After the understanding of given knowledge in the Advanced Mechanic Series of sub-pages one finally get's to the point of wanting to produce a new invention.


I had reached that point in 1976 and started inventing new mechanical things that could save man hours and serve a purpose to humans. Since then I have received three United States issued valid patents that not only make money but put over 400 people to work in the factories manufacturing them. One requirement in the USA to receive an issued valid US patent is in fact that your new invention actually serves a useful purpose while it is being used.



After a skilled and advanced mechanic has acquired enough skills to design a piece of diverse mechanical art, manufacture it, and promote it quite a lot of things can happen. First of all feeling like you have accomplished something that will go into historical archives and doing good things for others is personally motivating to do more.

Secondly there are rewards like knowledge, communicating exceptionally well with others, understanding the reality of big business, and compromise along with monetary gain.



To start your invention project think about usefulness, most good products have meritable purpose.


2) Communicate the idea to someone interested in the product of your design (not anything specific about how it's going to be made or what it's made of just the anticipated result the invention is to achieve).


3) Put a cash value on the anticipated product of your invention, figure out what someone would pay in cash for your invention and figure out how much you would pay for your anticipated invention.


4) Research the market and find out how much people are paying for something almost like what your anticipated invention should accomplish.


4) Example invention is most likely feature orientated, features is what sells product and those features are what you claim your product invention will accomplish, the more features for the same price will always sell more when quality is manufactured in. The product you review shows average cost of 200 USD, the seller is going to want half of that total cost, when manufacturing product you can't spend over a third of the wholesale value in parts, labor and shipping or your already at a loss so our 200 dollar retail product will need to be made and packaged for no more than $30.00 at the manufacturing level. Design then can be contemplated to start your project invention.



For a more detailed explanation regarding the profession of inventing go to the following link "How to Invent".