Reasons to suspect an electronic component as the cause of your mechanical problem.

1) Your problem has no abnormal noise in addition to when the mechanical glitch (malfunction) happens.

2) The malfunction as it is observed happens in a specifically encompassed time envelope every time it becomes evident.

3) The malfunction happens before or after heat is developed in the machine and happens in intervals that can be noted as recurrent.


4) A smell that is abnormal and burnt like is observed.

5) A problem that comes and goes, a mechanical problem does not usually fix itself so if you have a problem with no noise associated with it then most likely it is electronically based.


After the electrical becomes the possible cause of your problem the first place to start is the electrical connections and the source of the current. From the source or ground (-) post on the battery and back to the metal framework of the equipment there is a mounting lug. From that point remove the fastener and then scrape the metal lightly with a knife or single edge razor blade, until the metal is looking shiny and clean. Make sure that connection point is cleaned larger than the diameter of the grounding strap lug. Install the eyelet onto the lug or bolt tightly. On an electronic system the grounds become the source as electrons are negatively charged making them attracted to the more positive elemental charges. The ground strap for electronic things is like the suction (inlet) tube into a pump (battery) (generator) (dc polarized) that pulls it from the storage tank and directs it's flow that has a voltage reading (pressure) on the outlet side. Electronics works on the flow of electrons, they are attracted to positive in all general explanations.