Engine oil for usage in Hawaii


The engine oils here in Hawaii never see below 60 degrees, at least in my immediate area the temperature varies about 25 degrees maximum change. The need for synthetic blends or multi viscosity oils for temperatures below zero and above 90F is not there. A straight weight oil with no detergent is the way to go and changing the engine oil filter on a regular basis and simply adding engine oil after a filter change put the oil back up to acceptable lubrication standards.



There is no dispute that straight weight engine oil has better lubricating properties at higher temperatures without detergent. Straight fact from experience that a regular change of the engine oil filter (each 30 days) will allow you to go way longer before you need to change the oil in the engine. I have went over one year not needing to change engine oil with this method of regular filter changes and adding to the oil.



Below are links to You Tube videos regarding the lubricating system in an engine and straight facts from a lubrication specialist.

Engine oil facts






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