Mower Deck Improvements

Mower decks are the mower, when the deck breaks the mower is gone, unless you spend money repairing it or replacing it. Your looking at approximately on average a 6 to 800 dollar tab for most average homeowner decks for replacement. To repair most decks and going by averages only; usually one spindle is broken and needs replaced and most of the time there are cracks and lose metal on the decks that need welded so the average repair for a deck is around $120 - $185 depending on the parts costs but usually it takes an hour or two to repair one.


That will seem cheap after you remove the deck, break all the

spindle bolts because they are rotted in and self tapping. You will be thinking the price for repair is cheaper than doing the work and having it break again in a few mowings.


Below are picks of a mower deck that has been exposed to the elements in the jungle, as you can see in these first four pics what a mechanic has to deal with when bolts get rotted in the spindle housings and blade flange holders. Every bolt had to be cut with a gas torch, or it broke while trying to get it out. Each spindle has four mounting bolts and two blade holder bolts. It is difficult to drill out the spindle housing bolts due to they are hard and the housing is soft and the diameter is small. You can extend your deck life and increase the stability of the moving parts on the deck by adding a few modifications.


The problem with the above rotted bolts can be prevented by having you mower deck coated with John Deere Lubri Plate. It is made and used for a plow like on the top of all the pages of this site. It is sprayed on and then dries like a paint but it is technically defined as a lubricant when you purchase spray cans from your local John Deere product supplier. Below will be an example of a modified new deck for jungle application and could be considered a heavy duty deck after modifications.



Below are pics of a vibration caused failure in a mower deck. I need to again remind everyone that changing the deck idler tension spring to something else, can cause this problem below along with someone sharpening the blades redneck style where the balance becomes a problem and also causes or adds to this type of deck spindle flange failure. For correct blade sharpening methods request it from your John Deere dealer of just go to our blade sharpening page on this site. Also this problem here shows that the spindle bolts wore the spindle bolt holes eliptical and then the vibration then cracked the flange area from the mower deck, this cost the customer a new deck that will be shown below these pics.

In the pics below you will see we started with a new deck, they come without anything bolted on unless you order a complete new deck which I think is around $800 or so, go to the products page of this site to compare deck prices. You will see the topside and the bottomside of the new deck. There are additions made to that and the pieces we use for the modifications are pictorily exhibited also below the new deck pics.

The above pics show the deck modification pieces and the bolt size changes. Below are some finished pictures with the additional parts installed for heavy duty usage. The spindle flange rings are glued with jb-weld to seal the mating metal surfaces together as well as the new larger bolts that can be removed later if necessary without breaking them in the spindle housings. This also strengthens the top flange area of the mower deck and reduces vibration noticeably. There is also a weld that gets placed where the blade tinware is located which that weld is not shown in these pics. The deck below has been undercoated with the lubri-plate from John Deere for rust and ease of keeping the metal clean of wet grass that sticks and rusts the under part of the deck.