Compare John Deere Riding Mowers

I was promoting the hand operated PTO on the Riding Mowerspage and costing around 2k USD. I spoke to Shawn at American Machinery and he sent us this comparison that John Deere printed.

When you decide which one to purchase, the service is important because anything in this jungle mowing eventually breaks due to the rocks always coming up out of the lawn.

If you are someone that does not have any way of repairing the mower service is critical.

Sears has a good warranty program and they come out to Hana side. The good news is that there is an onsite John Deere mechanic on the East Side here. The difference in mowers seems to come down to service, availability, and ease to getting the correct part for the least capital outlay considering all aspects.

Use the PDF on the right to access the John Deere mower comparison charts.